Saturday, August 15, 2009

Home is where the heart is..

My father bought us this bed when we got married 17 years ago.

I had turned 21 the week before.

The radio worked for about three weeks until it died.

Something to do with the movement of the bed.

It has been the scene of many a sweaty, naughty, vivid, inappropriate and lustful encounter.

It has also been the backdrop for lacklustre, shopping list in your head, yawning, Ithoughtyousaidthiswouldn'ttakelong or for the technical term: assisted wanking encounters.

This ball in the [messy] kids room reminds me of a huge pink balloon.

The more excited or upset Mark is the more animated and faster he will bounce.

I'm waiting for it to burst one day and scare the crap out of him.

Hilarious for me, not so for Mark.

Like most autistics, he hates loud noise and his hands automatically fly up to his ears.

Entertainment at other people's expense is not very nice.


This is from our trip to Biograd in Croatia many years ago which I stare at wistfully when I get itchy feet.

I remember how ripped off I had been feeling up until we visited that day as the place we had been staying at had a very ordinary beach and coastline.

Lots of Germans going about almost naked whom nobody blinked an eyelid at but a really shitty beach.

Until one day when we visited a place called Biograd and I truly understood when a fellow Aussie I met in Switzerland told me that the beaches in Crotia were as good, if not better than here in Australia.

The rocks hurt my feet, it seemed to take forever to get there and the beach was so packed even my little towel had trouble squishing in amongst all the other hundreds of towels.

But the view.

The water.

The colour.


Still, going topless in Biograd was frowned upon with one hapless and puzzled female foreigner enduring many stares and no doubt perplexed in the extreme as to why she could put her tits out in one city and not in the other.

Yes I know.

There's no point in taking the xmas decorations down now though as it's only a few months away.

Three months after that it will be Mark's birthday.

Sometimes I leave things until the last minute.

Other times I'm happily surprised at how exceedingly well prepared I am.

The christians in Bosnia had the good sense to adopt this dish called pita from the large muslim population and it's become a staple part of their diet as well.

After many failed attempts at stretching the dough paper thin by hand I have finally got the gist of it and may yet be married off to a Bosnian.

A bonus feature of this simple yet delicious food is that it momentarily halts the irritatingly regular cries of "I'm hungry" and "What's for dinner?" from children who are going through growth spurts akin to weeds.

But only briefly...


Linda and her Twaddle said...

I do like your description of what goes on in the marital bed. When people get married they NEVER expect anything but hot and sweaty romps almost everynight. That place can be a battlefield, a safe haven and long discussions about life. Not just a bed.

We have been on trips which have be dreadful until one moment we have ended up somewhere like the beach you mentioned. It changes the dynamics of the whole holiday.

Those pita's look very tasty. The sort of thing my son would eat quite happily. But I cannot say I would even attempt to do the pastry!

The Audacity of Anna said...

Yes the bed can be a warzone.

Sometimes you win and other times you lose.

I'd take even a crappy beach at the moment, I'm overdue for a holiday.

The pastry is the only difficult part.

Once you get over that hurdle you feel a bit like masterchef...

Maks said...

Us single men call the "assisted wanking" part our left hand.

I used to want one of those beds but they seem to have disappeared.

There's a look my Croatian friends get in their eye when describing the old country that makes you want to go there.

Those are the pastries you did a blog about last year? They still make me hungry.

Maks said...

Sheesh, Sorry Anna. Hi! Bye!

love ya mate
Take care

The Audacity of Anna said...

Single men get the left hand for help.

Married men get their wives.

I did see a French movie where the bloke bought a blow up doll and took her/it all around town.

It was very interesting...

Yeah, Croatia is pretty special. Including the food.

Plus they swear pretty good.

And drink.

Good to see you visit and hi and bye to you too!!